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  • provides healthy recipes that taste delicious and are mostly simple to prepare.
  • is inspired by family, friends, cookbooks, magazines, the internet and being out and about.
  • links to informative and interesting sites about food, health and life.
  • inspires the creative cook in you.

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16 thoughts on “Join Jittery”

  1. I love the pictures, the comments, the food, (as long as someone else cooks it), and of course, I love the Jittery Cook!!!

  2. Marion Schachter Kaplan said:

    Hi, Just came across this helpful article re Kosher Vegetarian Sauce Substitutes after reviewing your wonderful recipe for the Quinoa Bok Choy recipe. Hope you find it useful, too. Marion

  3. Anonymous said:

    I look forward to sampling some of your recipes. This one especially caught my eye. As an ex-Montrealer I do miss Beauty’s and their bagel congoctions. Kathy @ Seasoned Palate. 🙂

  4. Thanks Kathy. Montreal is quite the foodie’s city. Our bagels have that irresistible flavour. Glad you like Jittery!

  5. lizjoffe said:

    I have had the honour of experiencing the jittery-cook in real life. I got invited for lunch (actually I invited myself) watched the photography and then ate the food. For real! I tested the food! I even made a suggestion and got listened to! It was good, sooooooooo good.

  6. lizjoffe said:

    Nah, we’ll just say we did. We’ll sit around and waste time instead!. We already know we both can cook!

  7. Alys Geiger Rubenstein said:

    I love the video of your parents dancing. I was probably 9 or 10 when on New Year’s Eve I walked into the kitchen and found my parents dancing. Still a memory that I cherish after 40 or so years.

    • I knew my parents enjoyed going out and dancing in their youth. It came as a great surprise to see them carry on enjoying music and dancing in this difficult period full of aches, pains and slipping memory. It’s a type of rising above and returning to better days. Really touching! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Holly,
    Kathy k told me about your website. I’ve just read a few of your blogs, creative, exciting and fun! Gets the creativity in my kitchen going.
    I’d like to receive your recipes and enjoy them as well. Thanks in advance.
    Have a nice week,
    Glenna Dascal

  9. Enjoying your sight ! It’s creative , fun and health conscious. Mentioned it to my co-teachers today… We enjoyed looking at some of your recipes during lunch . 🙂


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