Jittery Recipes

There are 304 Jittery Cook recipes:

  1. Bananut Pancakes – is there a more perfect breakfast combination of flavours?
  2. Ian’s Famous BBQ Ribs – scrumptious!
  3. Chia Coconut Delight – Overflowing Passion – healthy, easy, make ahead snack or dessert.
  4. Pasta Giulia – you will thank Julia for this one!
  5. Spicy Shirataki Noodles with Chinese Greens – Healthy, tasty, colourful, satisfying!
  6. White Radish Greens Soup and White Radish Tartine – even you’ll be late for zumba!
  7. Cottage Cheese Muffins – crazy delicious! You can try to freeze some, but once they get a taste…
  8. Garlic Scape Pesto – good to know what to do with scapes.
  9. BBQ Beef Tenderloin for a Crowd, BBQ Chicken Breast and Florentine Rice – easy perfection!
  10. 5-Ingredient Roasted Veggie Salad – fabulous! Basil vinaigrette is one of the ingredients.
  11. Herb Noodle Salad with Spicy Peanut Butter Dressing – so healthy and tasty. You’ll keep going back for more.
  12. White Fish with Lemon Brown Butter and Roasted Potatoes – my husband loved this meal!
  13. Lobster Wrap – now we’re talking!
  14. Caesar Burgers with Skinny Sweet Potato Fries – fantastic, if I do say so myself!
  15. Giant Nutella Pecan Pizza Cookie – as much fun to eat as it is to make!
  16. Eggs Over Easy with Mushrooms on Rye – could this be the best meal ever?
  17. Hoisin Miso Salmon Trout with Baby Bok Choy – fast and delish!
  18. Lamb Stew with Artichoke Hearts – two thumbs up from my brother-in-law George who is spoiled silly by my sister Julia.
  19. Freekeh Frittata and Jicama Carrot Salad – you will not be disappointed!
  20. Celeriac Soup – will someone please make this and send me a bowl!
  21. Mashu Mashu Salad – if you don’t live in TO then you’ll just have to remember to make this from scratch.
  22. Zoodles and Roasted Veggies with Pesto – excellent!!
  23. Tomato Baked Lentils – tastes fine!
  24. Easy Roasted Chicken Noodle Soup – made this over and over and over again. Comfort food.
  25. Kale Faux Caesar Salad with Roasted Chickpeas – you NEED to try this. It is too delicious!
  26. Honey Dijon Curry Chicken and Pecan Sweet Potato – easy, fast, perfect!
  27. Heart Healthy Pizza – the lengths one can go to in a lentil contest!
  28. Spinach Lentil Salad Wrap – would gladly eat this several times a week into infinity!
  29. Asian Marinated Salmon on Lentil and Quinoa – ridiculously good recipe. May I never forget to make this!
  30. Chocolatey Lentil Crunch – could not get enough of this!
  31. Bloody Mary Lentil Soup – lentil contest spurs me on.
  32. Pizza 101 – nothing quite as satisfying as pulling a pizza out of your oven, unless it is eating said pizza.
  33. Maple Dijon Chicken – um, could you find an easier, more delicious recipe?
  34. Greek Potatoes with Tsadziki – highly recommended.
  35. Greek Salad Slaw – simply wonderful!
  36. Broccoli Sprout Radish Salad – healthy? fresh? fantastic!
  37. Pasta with Garlic Walnut Sauce – YUM!
  38. Emerald Fishcakes – forget about the wizard of OZ granting your wishes-you will only wish for Emerald Fishcakes.
  39. Hungarian Pepper Stew – thank you Dr. Joe!
  40. Lemon Smoked Salmon Hors d’Oeuvre – crazy stupid wonderful!!!
  41. Nutty Fruity Bits – more, more more!
  42. Squash Squares with Sage Crisps – squash kills me it tastes so good.
  43. Wild Cod with Chimichurri in a Hurry – my first homemade cheating Chimichurri is a hit!
  44. Black Pepper Goat Cheese Appetizer – OMGOMGOMG!!! If you don’t stop everything you’re doing right now to go make this then you don’t know what’s good for you. Beyond, beyond, beyond…
  45. Mexican Black Bean Soup with Garnishes Galore – Julia Richardson’s finest recipe – Oh, I forgot, all her recipes are finest. This is just one of the AMAZING ones.
  46. Oriental Salad for a Crowd – make it and the crowd will form.
  47. Caribbean Chicken – cause we all need a moment at the beach.
  48. Ginger Miso Salmon – make me, make me, make me!!! Everyone who did loved me!
  49. Hot, Hot, Hot Spanakopi Dip – I’m not joking when I tell you EVERYONE LOVED this dip!
  50. Veggie Pâté Hors d’Oeuvres – it was fun to try making a veggie pâté
  51. Boozy Banana Bread – good! and it won’t make you too fall down drunk.
  52. A Salad for Special Occasions – or a salad to make the occasion special.
  53. Baked Apple Sweet Potato Side Dish – yum and more yum.
  54. Coconut Cacao Bark – w o n d e r f u l l
  55. Apple Onion Soup with Thyme – Divine! – yes I do love onion soup and this is a very special twist on the original.
  56. Hearty Fall Kugel and Root Veggie Slaw – two good recipes you say?
  57. Brisket Steeped in Coffee and Beer – thank you, thank you, thank you!
  58. OMG Shrimp Cocktail at Its Very Best – you gotta know how to make a good SC!
  59. New Age Bird’s Nest Cookies – bringing back my childhood!
  60. Curried Peach Squash Soup – great flavour!
  61. Mimi’s Best Quinoa Salad – and Mimi doesn’t mess around!
  62. Brussels Sprout, Roasted Pepper or Zucchini Crostini – call them whatever, you’ll be so proud to serve these babies!
  63. Ginger Peach Chutney – Mom’s Best – and I mean BEST!
  64. Leek Potato Soup – A Beautiful Mess – my son keeps begging me to make this again!
  65. The Very Best Scrambled Eggs with Spicy New Potatoes – can you beat this combination?
  66. Chard Frittata Appetizer – Seriously Delicious – um, yes, seriously!
  67. White Fish in Red Hot Spicy Sauce – from the pros!
  68. Single Layer Eggplant Zucchini Parmesan – if they tried this they’d give up crack.
  69. Chickpea Soup with Spicy Feta Eggplant – interesting!
  70. Cheese Baked Egg on Hash Browns – crazy, over the top crazy good.
  71. Spicy Chickpeas and Dandelion Greens – if you really want to combine good health and good taste this is for you!
  72. Roasted Tomato and Mini Bella Farfalline – it’s hard to disappoint with pasta.
  73. Hot Green Pepper Salsa Marinade on Skirt Steak, Salmon or Trout – a condiment you need to try.
  74. Greek Yogurt with Honeyberries – when is the last time you discovered a new fruit?
  75. Lobster Bisque or Heavenly Sea Broth – worth the effort!
  76. Mushroom Quinoa Risotto – New Age Italian – new age with an ancient grain!
  77. Zucchini Lotus Flowers with Roasted Tomato Petals – stunning and delicious!
  78. Smoked Salmon Tower of Brunch – I’ve never seen my son this happy!
  79. Rhubarb with Molten Marshmallow – one of the best desserts ever.
  80. Lobster Salad to Inspire Chihuly – good! Good! GOOD!
  81. Chilled Ginger Carrot Soup with Marching Poppy Seeds – lovely to look at and ideal flavour.
  82. Serious Chocolate for Grownups – besides I’d rather not share.
  83. Wild Garlic Omelette – delicious!
  84. Pulled Pork Wrap – with Spicy Slaw – you can make it with chicken if you don’t eat pork – I can’t emphasize enough how good this is!
  85. Super Power Cookie – healthy enough to eat for breakfast. Delicious enough to eat anytime.
  86. Cashew Yam Soup – elegant vegan soup!
  87. Watercress Beet Salad – off the cuff wonderful.
  88. Pesto Please – Hold the Cheese – yes you can enjoy cheese free pesto.
  89. Guess who’s coming to dinner? – did you guess?
  90. Shirataki Noodles – Light and Tasty – not the first and not the last…I love Shirataki noodles!
  91. Party Finger Food – Pamper Everyone! – ever get pampered by a chef?
  92. Roasted Pepper Salad with Organic Filet Mignon – seconds?
  93. Salmon Sliders with Roasted Salsa Verde – slides right down.
  94. Spicy Vegetarian Curry – I’m a closet vegetarian.
  95. Red Salad L’Orignal – I do love the colour red and this salad is beautiful and unbelievably delish.
  96. Julia’s Roasted Veggie Frittata – Julia knows frittata too!
  97. Great Granola – make it a staple.
  98. Tomato Dill bisque with Cheese Crisps – need this now!
  99. Oat Brancakes – made these 1000 times. Got a batch in the freezer right now.
  100. Crunchy Veggie-Noodle Salad – love crunch, noodles and salad.
  101. Drunk Banana Chicken – wow drunk chicken!
  102. Squash Soup with Faux Noodles – excellent!
  103. Persian Rice with Turkey – what a presentation!
  104. Cauliflower Crust Pizza – ridiculous how good this is. Ridiculous.
  105. Smoked Salmon Hand Rolls – don’t you want that ‘I just threw this hand roll together’ feeling?
  106. Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Brussels Sprout Chips – no one should go through life without tasting this soup.
  107. Eggplant Chinoise – tasty!
  108. Shrimp on Coconut Butternut Squash – good!
  109. Curried Tuna Wrap – curry in tuna is a no brainer!
  110. Easy Pasta with Rapini Chips – love!
  111. Poached Egg on Baked Mashed Potato – so proud of this baby!
  112. Squash Gnocchi – I will pretty much eat any gnocchi.
  113. Chocolate Coconut Love Bites – you’ll love these bites.
  114. Chinese Chicken on Brown Rice Vermicelli – delish!!
  115. Meatballs with Caramelized Onion Super Dip – super!
  116. Roasted Stuffed Eggplant – eggplant is one of my favourite foods.
  117. Butternut Squash Barley Risotto – always loved this.
  118. Spicy Lentil Carrot Soup – spicy, lentil and soup are three words that need to stay attached.
  119. Muesli Breakfast – Spirit Lifter – even you can eat a quick nutritious breakfast without losing a second of your precious time.
  120. Florentine Baked Pasta – The Chosen – by chosen I mean do not miss!
  121. Slow Cooked Veal with Gremolata – if you are going to eat meat, make it special!
  122. Oat Bran Breakfast – oat bran makes you feel great!
  123. Mini-Kugels – mini, maxi, whatever! I need my kugel!
  124. Roasted Squash Salad – sounds like a plan.
  125. Christmas Quinoa – you won’t stop until you see the bottom of the bowl.
  126. Scallops in Tomato Wine Sauce – did you say seafood?
  127. Barberry Quinoa – excellent!!
  128. Veggie Latkes – another childhood favourite!
  129. Moroccan Burgers – YUM!
  130. Eggplant Lasagna – you may as well say ‘I love you.’
  131. Shortbread Cookies – don’t feel too guilty, just enjoy!
  132. Diced Vegetable Salad Tribute to Sugar Man – did you see the movie? Do not miss!
  133. Turkey Curry Naan Pizza – another huge hit around here.
  134. Cauliflower Casserole Gift? – so, so good!
  135. Quinoa and Beet Salad – all the yogis loved this!
  136. Marinated Caesar Salad – a new take on Caesar salad!
  137. Asian Zucchini Salad Toasted – you’ll nover wonder what to do with all your zucchini again.
  138. Steel Cut Oatmeal 007 – Risotto Style – everyone needs to try steel cut oatmeal.
  139. Delicata Squash Stacks – BEST, BEST, BEST idea! Thank you Julia!
  140. Bow-Tie Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomato Dressing – yum!
  141. White Bean Pesto Dip on Bagel Rounds – also youm!
  142. Almond Milk and Almond Spread – psst…got a vitamix?
  143. Sicilian Eggplant Stuffed with Meat or Vegetables – Sofia! We love your cooking Sofia!!!
  144. Baby Artichoke and Mushroom on Kaniwa – Very interesting and a big hit at a work potluck.
  145. BBQ Grilled Lime Ginger Glazed Wild Salmon – sick how good this is!
  146. Chocolate Coconut Banana Bread – haven’t met too many banana breads I didn’t love.
  147. Chia Seed Porridge Lite – lite or not, chia seed porridge rocks!
  148. Swiss Chard Burger – seriously? If you haven’t tried this yet there may be something wrong with you.
  149. Layered Lemon Blackcurrant Frozen Yogurt – wonderful!
  150. Coconut Pan-fried Skate Wing with Watercress Salad – did you say this tasted like a fancy restaurant meal?
  151. Summer Salad – A Tasty Meal – need a salad meal NOW!
  152. BBQ Turkey Burger with Russian Mayonnaise – really, really good!
  153. Blackcurrant Vodka – killer homemade vodka!
  154. Marinated Grilled Turkey with Roasted Vegetables – make this now and thank me later!
  155. Lentil and Rice Pilaf with Caramelized Onion – HUGE HIT!!!!
  156. Coconut Jam French Toast with Fresh Berries – I Love Coconut Jam!!!! And you can’t beat the taste of CJ on French toast with berries!
  157. Deviled Eggs De-Lox – these are NOT your mom’s deviled eggs.
  158. Caramelized Pumpkinseed Pear and Pomegranate – Big Salad – sososososo good!!!
  159. Kale Salad – Sweet and Tangy – kale, sweet, tangy? more, please!
  160. Stuffed Sweet Pepper – Hearty and Healthy! I have always adored stuffed sweet pepper.
  161. Goat Cheese Gnocchi in Lemon-Broccoli Rabe Sauce – excellent!
  162. Jumbo Scallops on Orzo with Radish and Fiddleheads – oh what a meal!
  163. Spinach Mushroom Asparagus Strata – yum!
  164. Roasted Grape Butternut Squash Salad – with Pistachio Chèvre – stunning!!
  165. Asian Mushrooms with Brown Basmati Rice–I’d serve to Justin Bieber – forget Justin! I’m not sharing!
  166. Fresh Sweet Corn Creamy Soup – Velvety Smooth – so happy I discovered this!
  167. Hey Ma! Look what I did with just one organic chicken! – yes Ma! Look!
  168. Pan Roasted Sea Bass & Portobello Mushrooms – good, good good!
  169. Apricot Raisin Loaf and a Cuppa Tea – classy!
  170. Feta Walnut Dip to Get the Party Started – yum!
  171. Carmelitas – Afternoon Delight! – irresistible!
  172. Butternut Squash Apple Bake – a favourite!
  173. Chicken with Raita from House Hubby – easy and delightful!
  174. Chocolate Nut Butter Bark – more, more, more!
  175. Tangy Coleslaw – Party in a Bowl – YES!
  176. Leek Soup – you gotta love leeks!
  177. Best-Ever Grainy Mustard – never knew how easy it was to make mustard!
  178. Ted Reader’s Cedar Plank Salmon – VERY IMPORTANT RECIPE!
  179. Mandelbrot or Kamish Bread – yum!
  180. Lemon Garlic Dressing – good!
  181. Parsley Omelet with Smoked Salmon – wonderful!
  182. Dr. Oz’s Vegetable Soup with Sliced Apples – diet food.
  183. Orange Sesame Chopped Salad with Wild Salmon – really good salmon!
  184. Tomato Sauce – from Liz – merci beaucoup!
  185. Sardines on the BBQ – do not miss!!!
  186. Sweet Pepper Tomato Sauce – from Sonia – excellent!
  187. Bulgur Salad with Parsley Cucumber and Mint – staple
  188. Grilled Za’atar Chicken with Cumin Aioli Sauce – good!
  189. Mango Gazpacho – Enchanting Summer Soup – spectacular!
  190. Blackcurrant Jam – Words cannot express!
  191. Spinach Lasagna with Sweet Tomato Sauce Oh my!!
  192. Shrimp DeJonghe – Buttery Garlicky Goodness – Gail does them best!
  193. Mango Cilantro Red Onion Salad – too good to share!
  194. Edamame Arugula Salad – nice!
  195. White Bean Salad – Simple & Summery – staple.
  196. Purple Cabbage Salad – I can eat purple!
  197. Marinated Grilled Vegetables & Grilled Green Polenta – to drool for!
  198. Italian Black Olive Spread – give me more olives!!
  199. Roasted Cauliflower and Broccoli Soup – with no after-effects! – Yum!
  200. Cheesecake to Celebrate Mother’s Day! – LOVE!!!
  201. Socca – Chickpea flatbread from Shorty! – delish!
  202. Banana Bread We Will Love! – and we do!
  203. Annie’s Granola Bars – Nirvanalicious! – thank you Annie!
  204. Triple Chocolate Almond Biscotti – Treat your palate! – amazing!
  205. Super Spinach Smoothie – Oh Joy! – smoothie lover?
  206. Fresh start! – Everyone needs a fresh start!
  207. Spinach Watermelon Strawberry Salad – So Summery! – big hit!
  208. Bagel Lox Goat Cheese and Roasted Vegetables – Beauty’s watch out!
  209. The Right Salmon and Spicy Quinoa Mango Salad – Do you know the right salmon?
  210. Arugula Radicchio Goat Cheese and Pear Salad – too, too, too good!
  211. Banana Chips Hugging Dark Chocolate – Banan-Oreo – fun!
  212. Honey Ginger Turkey Breast – Roasted Asian Vegetables – WONDERFUL!
  213. Chipotle Salmon Lettuce Wrap – A meal to sing about! – nice!
  214. Garlic Ginger Cilantro Dressing – Scrumptious Salad – good.
  215. Eggplant Red Pepper Quiche – crazy good!
  216. Spicy Roasted Eggplant – Reality Check – make this weekly!
  217. Eureka – Lentil Shooter – The perfect start to a healthy meal! = lentil contest.
  218. Tomato Basil Pine Nut Pasta- Happy St. Paddy’s Day! – anytime!
  219. Jicama Cabbage Carrot Coleslaw with Anise Dressing – FANTASTIC!
  220. Portobello Mushroom Burgers with Chipotle Mayonnaise – Heavenly! – this could be the recipe that swings you over to vegetarianism. Who needs meat with a mushroom burger this delicious?
  221. Uncle Jaime’s Mango Cheese Cacao Pie – so good!
  222. Red Curry Beef with Coconut and Lime Quinoa Salad – yum!
  223. Roasted Fennel Soup – Grown-up Flavour – love this soup!
  224. Jumbo Shrimp with Shrimp Spice – Dinner for Two – is 5 minutes too long to cook supper?
  225. Coleslaw with Character – For the Discerning Palate – staple and delicious.
  226. Chia Seed Porridge – Breakfast in minutes! – minutes!
  227. Arctic Char – Gourmet Meal in Minutes – too good!
  228. Super Tasty Lentil Salad – Spread the Word! – are you spreading?
  229. Fresh Tuna Meatballs in Tomato Sauce – Typical Jamie Oliver Goodness – interesting!
  230. Lentil Cranberry Wrap – I’d Serve to Adele – my brother requested this as his 65th birthday gift.
  231. Italian Sausage and Lentil Stew – Comfort Food! – good!
  232. Blueberry Gin Duck – Bottoms Up! – so different!
  233. Curried Butternut Squash Soup – Something Bright and Beautiful! – Yum!
  234. Waldorf Chicken Salad on Cumin Cilantro Quinoa – Not Your Grandma’s – crazy good!
  235. Broccoli, Sweet Onion and Pecan Salad – Tossed with Orecchiette and Feta – to die for!!
  236. Bliss Balls – So Sweet for Valentine’s Day! – this is bliss!
  237. Roasted Cauliflower Pesto Pasta – A Happy Marriage of Flavours – big hit!
  238. Oriental Salad – Topped with Grilled Chicken – easy to love!
  239. Delectable Hummus Appetizer with Spiced Pita Chips – fun!
  240. Delicate Fish with Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce – Susan! You know your food!!!
  241. Sweet and Spicy Ribs – Sauce you’ll dream about! – splendid!
  242. Beet Salad and The Garden of Eden – you gotta see these pics!
  243. Sesame Ginger Chicken – Faux Fried – BEST chicken recipe!
  244. Holly’s Halishkas – New Age Stuffed Cabbage Rolls – Want these NOW!!!
  245. Breakfast Parfait – Way to Start Your Day! – yum!
  246. Savoury Cheese Pie – Quick, Easy, Tasty and Oh So Pretty! – BIG hit!
  247. Seafood Salad Tapas – Extraordinarily Good! – still can’t believe I made this up! Jittery pride!
  248. Spiced Cherry Tomato Salad – Cooking With Love! – excellent! and I mean it!
  249. Roast Capon – When the Clan Comes Home to Roost – New Year’s Eve family dinner.
  250. Olive Cheese Melt – Mini Pizza or Appetizer – my mom’s crowd pleaser.
  251. Delicious Apple Cake says Happy New Year!!! – wishing to taste right now.
  252. Tasty Grouper served on Spinach Orange Salad – healthy and tasty.
  253. Auntie Miriam’s Potato Kugel – Crispy Goodness – I will never say no to kugel.
  254. Bubbie’s Beet Borscht – Celebrate with Colour – ya gotta love borscht!
  255. Baked Banana – Bravo for a 2 minute dessert! – easy and wonderful!
  256. Fattoush Chicken Salad – Fresh and Fabulous – say yes to fattoush.
  257. Roasted Red Pepper Spread – Unforgettable – SOOOOOOO good!!!!
  258. Greek Giant Lima Beans – Addictive! – HUGE HIT!
  259. Salmon Watercress Latkes – Martha Stewart Would Approve – excellent!
  260. Roasted Red Pepper, Sun Dried Tomato Tapenade – AMAZING!
  261. Hawaiian Chicken Salad – take me to Hawaii!
  262. Fancy These Deviled Eggs – am a deviled egg lover!
  263. Crunchy Kohlrabi – Pleasant Pickles – excellent.
  264. Baked Quince; Dessert or Side Dish? – so much fun to try quince!
  265. Poached Salmon Salad Sandwich with Sauce Verte – BEST RECIPE ON JC!
  266. Artichoke and Celeriac – Beautiful Tasting – did you learn something?
  267. Stripetti Squash – Simply Irresistible – huge hit!
  268. Tacos! with Chayote Salsa – different!
  269. Pecan Cranberry Squash – Thanksgiving Delight – HUGE HIT!!
  270. Microgreens and Shrimp? Salmon? Sardines? – You decide! – excellent and beautiful!
  271. Chicken Soup – To cure whatever ails you – nothing ails me anymore!
  272. Squash, Spinach and Shiitake Baked Pasta – so, so, so good!
  273. Green, Green, Green Soup – Dress it up or not – fun!
  274. Romanesco, Purple Cauliflower and Radish Appetizer – the most beautiful vegetable on the planet.
  275. Eggplant, Red Pepper and Chili – Middle Eastern Mezze Appetizer – EXCELLENT!!!
  276. Asian Salmon Salad with Pea Shoots, Pomegranate and Avocado – gorgeous!
  277. Grilled Turkey, Avocado and Mozzarella Sandwich with Hot Peppers – There’s no place like home – delicious!
  278. Mushroom and Fresh Ricotta Pasta – Spreading Jittery Cook – 2 amazing ingredients!
  279. Homemade Ricotta – From Scratch to Scrumptious – dying to make this again!
  280. Quinoa, Bok Choy and Shiitake Mushrooms – Healthy, wealthy in what matters and wise – love, love, love!
  281. Romaine Salad with Grilled Lemon Chicken – Salad Days – any day is a salad day.
  282. Egg Wrap – Comfort food mingled with stress relief – yes, please.
  283. From Abruzzo to Amalfi with a little stop in Positano – missing Italy!
  284. Smoked Salmon Appetizer – It’s not complicated – divine!
  285. Yes we’re going to a party, party – Dark Chocolate Bark – this is my kinda dessert.
  286. In vino veritas – Mixed salad with wine vinaigrette – it’s all in the vinegar!
  287. On the spur of the moment – Easy shrimp dish – easy and great!
  288. More than meets the eye – Spicy chickpeas – simple and good!
  289. Just one more thing… – Roasted fennel with parmesan and Bean salad – roasting is magic.
  290. Luscious Lentil Soup – Feeling Groovy – brings me way back.
  291. Macedonia Fruit Salad – Simply divine and divinely simple – simple pleasures.
  292. Eggplant Parmigiano – Rome wasn’t built in a day! – 2 words I love, eggplant and Parmigiano!
  293. Roasted Veggies – Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah – a treat to savour regularly.
  294. Quinoa Tabouli with Sheep Feta – Bursting with Flavour – quinoa makes tabouli even healthier
  295. Mushroom soup – Keep it Simple – yes i do love mushrooms
  296. Breakfast Muesli – Multiple Gurus – easy and filling without being heavy
  297. Roasted rack of lamb – Wet behind the ears – too tasty!
  298. Pasta with sun-dried tomato, spinach and basil – True Confessions – everyone enjoyed
  299. Pickled Salmon – In a Pickle – perfect for company and family
  300. Eggplant Carpaccio – On Cloud Nine – heavenly! Must make again!
  301. Roasted acorn squash soup – The cook may be jittery, but the soup is smooth – a staple.
  302. It’s About Thyme – Greek Style Garlic Chicken – went viral when recycled recently.
  303. Blogging as Jogging for Memory – Smoothie and Pinwheel appetizers – fun food.
  304. Jittery Cook Dinner for Two – This was the day that jittery cooking started to take over my life.

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