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I can think of 6 good reasons for proposing Salmon Sliders with Roasted Salsa Verde.

  1. They are made from the healthiest canned salmon around: Alaskan sockeye salmon, which even has Vitamin D.
  2. Any excuse to get your hands on this World Table Roasted Salsa Verde is a good excuse. I just hope my sister forgives me for spreading the word.
  3. You can’t just keep scarfing down taco chips and Avocado Dip.
  4. You are tired of eating cafeteria-style food for lunch, and you’ve been looking for something easy to take along.
  5. My foodie son loved them, and you, too, can solicit kudos from whomever you are feeding.
  6. You are looking for a high protein, low carb, healthy omega 3 fat-filled dish that’s easy to make. This is it!

Salmon Sliders with Roasted Salsa Verde

Salmon Sliders with Roasted Salsa Verde

Salmon Sliders with Roasted Salsa Verde

Pre-heat oven to 380F. In a medium-sized mixing bowl, combine salmon, egg, scallions and parsley. Form into small patties. Lightly brush patties with olive oil then dip in Panko. Bake for 15 minutes, turning very carefully at half-time so they don’t fall apart. Serve on a Boston lettuce leaf, with World Table Roasted Salsa Verde and Avocado Dip. Makes 13 small patties. Serves 4-6.

Salmon Sliders with Roasted Salsa Verde

Baked Salmon Patties with Roasted Salsa Verde Print Ready Recipe

Final notes:

  • I’ve heard that World Table Roasted Salsa Verde is only available in the USA. If you are south of the border, pick up a jar or two along with some of the other also highly recommended World Table salsas. 
  • If you insist on making your own, check out Aprons and Cammies Salsa Verde.
  • Everyone in my book club was thrilled to hear author Kathleen Winter talk about her life, her book Annabel and her craft. She creates a unique language and brightens the world through storytelling.

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