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There are days when my brain is so addled that I forget if I’ve already brushed my teeth. If I’m still home, I can check the toothbrush to see if it’s wet. Have I taken my calcium pills? I can check the docette. There are usually pills lingering that I had forgotten in their convenient cubbies. Just last week I took Friday’s pills although it was Thursday–proof positive that I forgot what day it was. Then there’s the errant hair check–also easy to forget, and yet so humiliating.

Lately I’ve forgotten my obsession with the scale–and simultaneously developed a devil-may-care attitude to consuming whatever my heart desires. Lo and behold, the pounds have crept on. Trust me, it isn’t the home cooking. It’s the restaurant meals. Time for a reality check.

Today’s recipe is a starter that is filling while not filling out the yoga pants. It’s time to say goodbye to at least one or maybe two of those midriff folds. Blubber be gone.

Healthy Recipe

Spicy Roasted Eggplant Ingredients

  • 1 eggplant (male of course), skin on and diced
  • 1 c onion, diced
  • 10 garlic cloves, roughly chopped
  • 1 T olive oil, brushed or sprayed on
  • sea salt
  • red pepper flakes, used liberally

Healthy Recipe

Roughly chopping the garlic keeps it from burning as it’s baked.

Healthy Recipe

Spread the garlic, eggplant and onions on a baking pan, covered in parchment. Spray or brush on the oil. Sprinkle on the sea salt and the red pepper flakes. Mix everything.

Bake at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes, tossing a few times for even cooking.

Spicy Roasted Eggplant Print Ready Recipe

Spicy Roasted Eggplant

Final notes:

  • Thanks to Julia Richardson for introducing me to this recipe. She has the knack for making simple taste complicated. Julia had this eggplant as an appetizer in Africa.
  • Thank you to my book club pal and blogging model Sonia Ribaux of Clicking50 for sending me the entertaining and informative International Woman’s Day link. I agree that every day should be International Woman’s Day and I loved the “Get Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries” placard. Take 41/2 minutes to watch this clip, you will be glad you did.
  • Jittery Mom-blog! Nice to know I’m featured on my daughter’s Tumbler FB Replacement Binder.
  • Keep posted for the upcoming Jittery Cook recipe including one cup of Spicy Roasted Eggplant as one of the ingredients.
  • Oops, I was supposed to use coconut oil in this recipe as it has a reputation for boosting memory. I forgot!