Shri Yoga did it again. Thank you, Mona Keddy! I prayed a tiny prayer on my way in. You know how they say that if you pre-plan to solve a problem as you sleep, then your mind will work it out. Well, it works for yoga, too. Ask for inspiration as you begin, and if you are desperate enough, it may come.

Here is my 4th and final entry for the Canadian Lentil Contest in the appetizer category. It came to me at the tail end of Shavasanamy absolute favorite of all the yoga poses. As per the contest instructions I have kept the recipe simple enough for everyone to reproduce. This recipe has 2 ingredients. Well it has 3 if you count water, and 4, if you count the garnish.

Healthy Appetizer Recipe

Lentil Shooter Ingredients

Healthy Lentil Appetizer

Rinse lentils. Bring the lentils and the water to a boil, then simmer for about 8 minutes until the lentils are soft (red lentils get soft quickly).

Use a blender to combine the cooked lentils with the vegetable juice, or use a Magic Bullet to blend 1/4 cup cooked, still hot lentils with 1/2 cup vegetable juice for single 3/4 cup shooter sized portions. The texture is frothy, and the taste is perfect. The vegetable cocktail has such a great tangy flavour that you don’t need any additional seasoning. Serve warm for best taste.

Healthy Lentil Appetizer

It isn’t easy to come up with such a great tasting appetizer that combines healthy, no-fat, satisfying, no fuss and attractive all in one.

Lentil Shooter Print Ready Recipe

Healthy Lentil Appetizer

Tick, tock. Time is running out on the Canadian Lentil recipe challenge. Please comment on this post below and/or on the Jittery Cook link on the Canadian Lentil Facebook Page. Popularity counts, and that’s where YOU, dear readers can help. If I am fortunate enough to win the grand prize, then I’ll invest in a Vitamix blender. I’ve no idea what they cost, but I know that they work magic in transforming foods.