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Everyone is looking for guidance.  I find that I rely on multiple gurus, depending on what needs attention.

My good friend Shelley Alper, a wonderful physiotherapist, is an all-purpose guru.  I’ve been urging her for years to make a website called Shelleysays.com.   She’s expert at all things physical, especially the ailments that need curing.  Equally expert at matters of the heart.

Kacey Rose Baines from Epicentre Training is another of my gurus.  She manages to whip me into shape while somehow keeping a smile on my face.  She’s even brought my family together in ways I never thought possible.

My spiritual leader, Mona Keddy from Shri Yoga, exudes grace and acceptance.  I’d follow her anywhere, but especially to El Encanto, Mexico, where 4 hours of yoga a day seems just right .

I have more gurus…several more…but let’s get back to food.  This has been a busy week.  Too busy for cooking.  Luckily there were leftovers from previous blogs.  But it wasn’t too busy for making my favorite breakfast which goes as follows:

Way to Start Your Day – Breakfast Muesli

It took me a while to fine tune breakfast into a meal that was just filling enough to keep those morning snack urges at bay, not too filling so that you feel like a lead balloon was sitting on your stomach.  I’ll admit this is no bagel, lox and cream cheese – but it won’t add pounds nor inches to your frame and best of all, it will keep you regular.  And we all know you want to be regular.

Just imagine that soy beverage is milk

I’ve been adding the following to some fresh fruit each morning:

Any fruit will do, but organic berries are highly recommended, as they are full of antioxidants – especially blueberries. Whatever you try, could be an apple, a clementine or even a small amount of dried fruit, it winds up tasting great.

You can experiment with the amount of seeds and nuts to see what feels right for you.  There are days when a heaping teaspoon of each is enough. The ingredient list above links to information on each type of seed  and cereal.  They seem to be chock full of healthy omega 3, protein and fiber – all required in a balanced diet.

Mixed all together and moistened with some milk, it tastes great.  Sweetness from the fruits, crunch from the nuts and crackle from the seeds.

A few mint leaves cut into slivers adds a nice look and taste.

Two words of warning:  Check your teeth in a mirror before stepping out and drink lots of water to deal happily with all the fiber

This was the most taxing post to bring to fruition so far.  Moving from Blogspot to WordPress, getting used to a new system, making choices with my jittery status – it was taxing.  Hopefully this new site will make joining and making comments easier.  Time will tell.  Then there’s the whole idea of sharing my gurus and my current breakfast of choice. Every decision is tough to make when jittery in general.  Being a Libra makes me weigh out my options – sometimes endlessly.

I have some mushrooms begging for attention.  I’m off to meditate on them and try to come to some conclusions as to what form they’ll take.

Note:  The soy milk was deleted from this post as per my brother’s request.  He’s always looking out for me.  Thanks bro.

As a special anniversary treat we are about to embark on a train journey from the Montmorency Falls outside Quebec City to the Charlevoix Massif. Looking forward to this adventure.